Slavery-Free Chocolate

Here at H!P we care as much about providing ethically-sourced chocolate as we do ensuring it is a delight for the taste buds! With this in mind, we source the cocoa that goes into making our delicious bars from a family-owned business in Bogota, Colombia who have grown cocoa for over 100 years. They harvest their own beans and work alongside other cocoa farmers to create long-term, sustainable relationships. This transparent approach from farm to bar guarantees that every link in the supply chain gains value.


Due to this collaborative mind set, our cocoa supplier has had the resources to invest in local community projects such as helping to build numerous schools. The positive effects of this can be felt throughout the whole community, as having improved learning conditions is vital to ensure children have access to the education they deserve.

Slavery and child exploitation is a problem which is mainly associated with West Africa and in particular, the Ivory Coast and Ghana where larger companies source their beans. Unfortunately this is an issue that takes years to extinguish, however with our careful consideration of each link in our supply chain you can enjoy our chocolate with a clear conscience.

We believe that chocolate can make the world a better place with fair relationships where everybody wins.