5 Different Ways to Use Oat Milk (that isn't just in your coffee)

5 Different Ways to Use Oat Milk (that isn't just in your coffee) - H!P Chocolate

At H!P, it will come as no surprise that we're obsessed with oat milk, and we want you to be too. There's more to oat milk than coffee and chocolate (although they are, admittedly, our favourite uses).

1. Baking: we know we say it a lot, but oat milk really is the best milk alternative, and it can be swapped as a 1:1 replacement for dairy in any baking recipe. We recommend oat milk pancakes

2. In a Hot (or Iced) Chocolate: keep your chocolatey drinks thick, creamy and vegan. Feeling extra? Use some barista oat milk and froth it up a bit. You can thank us later. 

3. Cooking: make your soups, curries and stews creamy and smooth with a little bit of unsweetened oat milk. This also works great in mashed potatoes. 

4. For Instagram-worthy Smoothie Bowls: oat milk's consistency lends itself perfectly to thick, wholesome smoothies. It's the perfect base for your beautifully-designed green smoothie bowl, making it taste as delicious as it looks. 

5. Drink Straight: it's better (and way less weird) than drinking a cup of plain dairy milk. It's sweeter, creamier and didn't come from an udder. You can even make your own by whizzing together oats and water (add some vanilla or maple syrup if you're as sweet-toothed as we are) in a high-speed blender.