Before H!P was created back in 2021, we were already letting oat milk take over our lives. We arrived at work with our oat milk lattes, ready to add oat milk to our overnight oats (because there’s nothing better than oat-on-oat) and it got us thinking: what would oat milk taste like in chocolate?

(Spoiler alert! The answer is really, really good).

So, in many ways H!P began as an ode to the humble oat, which has transformed the world of vegan chocolate. Before we began creating our delicious plant-based chocolate, the non-dairy alternatives we encountered were either bitter dark chocolates or sickly sweet, gritty attempts at vegan milk chocolate. We pledged to change the game.

Now, 200 years after our founder’s great-great-great grandfather, John Cadbury, revolutionised the world of chocolate, we’re on a mission to do the same by committing ourselves to creativity, quality and sustainability. H!P is both a nod to our chocolate-filled history and a taste of what the future holds. This is chocolate without compromise. 

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to prove that eating plant-based chocolate doesn’t mean compromising on great taste. We only use the best quality single-origin Colombian cocoa in our chocolate and combine this with creamy oat milk to create the smooth, milky taste that you know and love. Happy people, happy planet, H!P is chocolate without compromise.

We prioritise people and planet at every step of the production process, but we also pride ourselves on our fun flavours too. We want to drive change in the way we eat and make snacking sustainably as easy and delicious as it should be, so you get ethical, earth-friendly chocolate without any compromise. No dairy, no nasties, just creamy chocolate, addictive flavours and a clear conscience. 


Why Oat M!lk?

In order to create delicious, dairy-free chocolate, we needed an alternative milk that offered a creamy, smooth texture, a sweet and full-bodied taste, and a positive environmental impact.

Oat milk was the obvious choice: we knew how tasty it made our daily coffee, so it was time to test it out in chocolate. Oat milk outperforms other plant milks on both sustainability and taste and, crucially, its thick and creamy texture makes it perfect for creating milky chocolate.

On average, the oat m!lk in our bars uses 200 litres less water and ⅓ of the CO2 compared to most chocolate made with cow juice. We see no reason not to love it.


How We Source Our Cocoa

The cocoa that goes into making our delicious chocolate is sourced from a family-owned business in Bogota, Colombia, who have grown cocoa for over 100 years. They harvest their own beans and work alongside other cocoa farmers to create long-term, sustainable relationships.

Due to this collaborative mindset, our cocoa supplier has had the resources to invest in local community projects, including building schools to give children the education they deserve.
Unfortunately slavery and child exploitation is a horrifying problem that still exists within the cocoa industry, in particular in West Africa where larger companies source their beans. This is an issue that takes years to extinguish, but we carefully consider each link in our supply chain to ensure that we’re doing our bit to create chocolate with a clear conscience.


We're part of a global movement of companies using business as a force for good and an incredible community committed to balancing profit and purpose. We’re unbelievably proud to be involved in this international effort to create an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy and, once again, we are forced to kneel at the altar of the holy oat in thanks for letting us create the creamiest plant-based chocolate that serves both people and planet. B Corp is a global certification initiative that assesses businesses based on their environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency. Find out more here

1% for the Planet

We’ve pledged to contribute 1% of our annual sales to environmental organisations, a financial commitment that will directly support initiatives that focus on environmental conservation, wildlife protection and sustainable practices. 1% for the Planet is a nonprofit organisation that encourages businesses to come together to protect the earth’s resources from which they profit. Read more about what it means to be a 1% for the Planet member here.

Every time you choose to satisfy your sweet tooth with our plant-based chocolate, your choice not only tastes great, but it also goes towards combating environmental issues. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, your purchase directly funds projects such as reforestation efforts, ocean conservation, clean energy initiatives, and much more. Now that's feel good snacking.