H!P's World Chocolate Day Quiz

H!P's World Chocolate Day Quiz - H!P Chocolate

We're sure you're all celebrating World Chocolate Day 2023 as hard as we are, so while you're devouring your favourite plant-based chocolate bars, sharing our glorious peanut butter chocolate truffle bites and baking with our oat milk chocolate buttons, we've come up with a fun chocolate themed quiz that is simply bound to come in handy during your chocolate celebrations. It's time to test you knowledge on all things chocolate. 

(Scroll down for the answers, but no peaking please). 

1. How many cacao beans does it take to make one kilo of chocolate? 

A. 300

B. 600

C. 900

2. Which country is the largest producer of cocoa? 

A. Ivory Coast

B. Colombia

C. Peru

3. What is the melting point of chocolate? 

A. Between 30 - 32 degrees C.

B. Between 40 - 42 degrees C. 

C. Between 50 - 52 degrees C. 

4. How many segments are there in a Terry's Chocolate Orange?

A. 24

B. 18

C. 20

5. In which country was Nutella invented? 


B. Italy

C. Spain

6. What chocolate animal do Ron and Harry buy from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express? 

A. Mouse

B. Frog

C. Bunny

7. In which country was chocolate invented?

A. France

B. Switzerland

C. Belgium

8. What was Snickers called in the UK and Ireland before its name was changed? 

A. Race

B. Marathon

C. Giggle

9. What language does the word 'chocolate' come from? 

A. Quechua

B. Latin

C. Nahuatl

10. Which Spanish explorer is credited with first bringing chocolate to Europe? 

A. Hernan Cortez

B. Christopher Columbus

C. Hernando de Soto




1. C - 900

2. A - The Ivory Coast accounts for 40% of global cocoa production.

3. A - Between 30 - 32 degrees C.

4. C - 20. Now check out our Crunchy Orange Bar for a better chocolate orange option. 

5. B - Italy blessed us with Nutella.

6. B - Frog. 

7. B - Switzerland, also the country that consumes the most chocolate per person per year. 

8. B - Marathon. 

9. C - Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs, who mixed cocoa with water and spices to make a deliciously bitter hot drink. 

10. A - Legend has it that Hernan Cortez first brought chocolate back to Spain in 1528. 

If you ask us, there is no better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day to its full potential than to indulge, guilt-free, in vegan chocolate that protects the planet and pleases the people.