How to survive a UK heatwave

How to survive a UK heatwave - H!P Chocolate

Don't get us wrong, we love the sun but we prefer it when we’re swimming in the Med or sunbathing by a pool, not while we’re sweating in the midst of hundreds of other sweaty bodies during our daily commute.

H!P's Guide to Surviving the Heat like a True Brit

1. Continuously complain about the heat. Do not let anyone forget that it is over 30 degrees outside. Remind anyone and everyone around you that it is too hot to function, that working on days like this should be optional and getting the tube a crime.

2. Check the temperature and the weather forecast every five minutes, it could have gotten hotter in the last two minutes and you would miss the chance to tell everyone that the temperature has gone up again. While you’re at it, take a look at what the weather's like tomorrow, announce “it’s meant to get even hotter!” and begin the cycle of dread.

3. Repeatedly quote the Inbeteweeners - “It’s well hot.” “Might be too hot.” “Might be.” - on loop like a broken record.

4. Realise that climate change is real and experience a sensation of impending doom before resolving to buy a reusable water bottle.

5. Stay hydrated, eat ice lollies, wear loose clothing and take a cold shower.