What your favourite H!P chocolate says about you

What your favourite H!P chocolate says about you - H!P Chocolate

Find out your H!P profile based on your favourite bar flavour. We did A LOT of research for this; we compiled loads of evidence (talking to people in the office) and analysed the data (we literally made it up). So, we guess you could say it’s backed by science


You're steadfast, down-to-earth and loyal, probably the mum friend. You always have snacks on you and you carry your water bottle EVERYWHERE. Not much of a risk-taker, but your nothing if not reliable.


You're a diva and tell everyone you have expensive taste, which really only means you drink pale-coloured rosé, own a lot of big coats and live in West London. Your idea of self-care is a face mask and binge watching Downton Abbey.


You're a liability on a night out; you get lost on the daily because you refuse to look at directions; and you'll do pretty much anything for attention. You are, however, a lot of fun and it's impossible to hate you.


You describe yourself as a "plant parent" and exclusively drink craft beer. Your idea of interior design is fairy lights and an abstract tapestry pinned to the wall. You unironically describe yourself as a 'champagne socialist' and have a Deliveroo premium subscription.


You're adorable. Almost too cute. You won't say a bad word about anybody. You're a born optimist, you love glitter and you say you love dogs but deep down you're a cat person. You don’t own any plain-coloured clothing and dress like you want bees to pollinate you.


You know how to have a good time. You post 25 stories a day, you pre-drink on Prosecco and you tell everyone you're vegan but always get a burger after a night out. You love true crime and think it's normal to find serial killers attractive.