A Very British September

A Very British September - H!P Chocolate

Summer is over. We’ve seen better days. We’re forgetting about the hideous heatwave we experienced in July, the sweaty commutes and the stuffy rooms. How did it all go so quickly? Did we take it for granted? 

This is H!P's guide to maintaining a conversation in Britain at the beginning of Autumn:

1. “I can’t believe it’s already September!” - This is always a crowd-pleaser and can be applied to any month of the year, but September is when this phrase is at its best. Kids are going back to school, bank holidays are over, the aperol spritz has gone into hibernation, the transition to the dark days has begun.

2. “I’m already losing my tan!” - This runs the risk of having a who-went-on-a-better-holiday competition, but it is great bait if you’re fishing for a compliment and can lead to an enlightening conversation about which fake-tan is the best for your skin tone.

3. “I can’t believe how cold it was this morning!” - A stunning opener to a classic examination of the weather for the rest of the week, this one never fails. 

4. “I already miss the sun.” - This usually comes from the mouth of someone who has spent the last three months relentlessly complaining about the heat, but it’s great to reminisce on days spent drinking Rosé in the sunshine rather than the day where it reached 40 degrees and you couldn’t remember what it was like to smell nice. 

5. “It will be Christmas before we know it!” - We love this one. It still has an undertone of complaint, but with an edge of joy and festive spirit. Extra points if you work out how many Mondays there are until Christmas.

We recommend you mourn the loss of summer this autumn by snuggling up with some creamy H!P Chocolate...