At H!P, our sustainable and ethical values are at the heart of our brand and we’re proud to be striving for change within the chocolate industry, which has historically been a major contributor towards deforestation and climate change.

Our cocoa supplier in Colombia is on the lowest end of the cocoa environmental impact spectrum and using oat m!lk means we use approximately 200 litres less water than is required to make the same amount of dairy chocolate. 

With the help of My Emissions, we calculated our overall carbon footprint for our benefit as well as yours. We wanted to see where and how we could improve and also to provide you, as conscious consumers, with the information you need to make more informed decisions when you shop.

My Emissions measured our carbon footprint against that of standard dairy chocolate, finding that, per kilogram, our chocolate has a carbon footprint over 50% lower than chocolate made with cow’s milk.

For context, choosing one H!P Chocolate bar instead of an equivalent dairy chocolate bar saves the same emissions as driving 1.35km in a standard car. There’s a reason why we worship at the altar of the Holy Oat!