How to boost your mood during the winter months

How to boost your mood during the winter months - H!P Chocolate

As the days get a little shorter, the temperature colder and the clouds darker, it’s common to feel your mood dropping too. So, we asked the team for some of their top tips on what they do every day to fight the winter blues.

1. Get outside

We all have a tendency to spend a lot of time inside staring at a computer screen, especially when it’s miserable outside, but getting fresh air is always a good idea. Whether it’s a quick run before work, a lunchtime walk or post-work stroll, it’s guaranteed to make you feel a bit better (even if it only makes you appreciate the warmth of the indoors even more).

2. Treat yourself

No pleasure should be guilty; embrace what you enjoy and do more of it. Whether it’s a Harry Potter movie-marathon, extra marshmallows in your hot chocolate or roaming around in a wearable blanket, you always deserve to treat yourself.

3. Take time to do things you care about

Don’t skip out on doing the things you enjoy outside of work. Keep reading, seeing family and friends, and watching your favourite TV shows. Hobbies become hobbies because you enjoy doing them regularly, so keep it up.

4. Find things about winter that you love

Winter isn’t all bad; it’s easy to focus on the rainy, dark days, but it’s also an opportunity for you to create the cosiest home environment. With hot drinks, candles, thick blankets and fluffy socks, you can make winter your most comfortable season.

5. Stretch

Stretching is proven to release chemicals that help relieve stress and improve your mood. Just stretching for five minutes per day can leave you feeling rejuvenated, warming your muscles and getting your blood circulating.

6. Snuggle

When we touch – cuddle, kiss, or hold hands – our bodies release “feel good” hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which make us feel happy, relaxed and more positive. This doesn’t just apply for those with romantic partners: cuddle your friends, snuggle up with your pet and hug your family and get those happy hormones going.

7. Dance

Cold flat? Crank up the tunes and get dancing. Music is a tried and tested mood-booster, and there’s no better way to warm up than dancing to your favourite songs. Extra points for dancing around your home on your own without drawing the curtains.

8. Sleep!

Getting enough sleep is vital all year round, but in winter it is especially important for keeping you mood up, keeping focused and staying healthy. Make sure you stick to a consistent sleep routine and unwind properly before bed to ensure that you get a good night’s rest.