Reasons to give Veganuary a try

Reasons to give Veganuary a try - H!P Chocolate

January is already a bleak month: Christmas has been and gone, half your friendship group are doing Dry January and the weather is wet and horrible - so why would you want to participate in Veganuary? Let us persuade you...

To Feel Better:

If you are anything like us, you spent Christmas eating mince pies for breakfast, twelve Yorkshire Puddings at lunch and an oversized portion of Christmas Pudding after dinner. Veganuary is a chance to really focus on what you’re eating. It’s a great way to increase your consumption of fruit and veg, make sure you’re getting enough fibre and vitamins, and put some colour on your plate. Plants are wonderful things, and they can do wonders for your health.

For the Planet:

One of the best ways to reduce your individual carbon footprint is to reduce your intake of red meat and dairy (read our blog post here to find out more about the impact of dairy on the environment). A plant-based diet is generally one with a lower carbon footprint, so you can feel good about doing your bit for the environment this month.

For Creativity in the Kitchen:

Love to cook? Doing Veganuary means discovering a new and exciting world of vegan-friendly recipes. We’ve all heard the rumours that cauliflower makes a great pizza base (it doesn’t), but making veg the star of your dish is a great way to try something different in the kitchen. Whether it’s a tofu stir fry, a vegetable curry or a vegan bake, eating plant-based is the perfect opportunity to explore new recipes and test your culinary skills. 

Because you know it doesn't mean sacrificing your favourite foods:

As veganism becomes more popular, there are so many amazing vegan food brands out there making more sustainable, but equally delicious, plant-based alternatives to your favourite foods. And you definitely don’t have to worry about chocolate cravings, because you’ll have plenty of H!P to see you through.