Single-Origin Chocolate: what is it and why does it matter?

Single-Origin Chocolate: what is it and why does it matter? - H!P Chocolate

At H!P, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, ethically sourced Colombian cocoa. Single-origin means we only use cocoa beans sourced from one specific place. That might not sound special, but lots of companies make their chocolate using a mixture of cocoa beans grown in different areas and climates. 

In the same way that the location of a vineyard determines the taste of a particular wine, the environment in which cocoa beans grow has an impact on their flavour. Using single-origin cocoa allows us to ensure that our chocolate retains its unique, distinctive flavour profile.

We believe in total transparency, and offering single-origin chocolate means you can gain a better understanding of where your chocolate comes from and who farmed it. All of our cocoa is sourced from a family-run business in Bogota. They’ve been cultivating cocoa for over 100 years and strive to implement the most sustainable farming practices they can.

Sourcing from just one business in one place enables us to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and ensure we produce our chocolate with the highest quality cocoa, every time. This also helps us with our mission to create planet-friendly chocolate, since we provide the business with consistent purchases, guaranteeing a stable and sustainable income for their workers.