H!P's Pancake Day Highlights

H!P's Pancake Day Highlights - H!P Chocolate

Looking for pancake inspiration? Look no further. We have an amazing community of chocolate-loving H!Psters and we know we can rely on them for cooking up some incredible recipes, but we are always blown away by their delicious creations. This Pancake Day was no different. From Gingerbread Bar pancakes to yoghurty, fruity stacks, the H!Psters did not disappoint. 

1. Gingerbread Pancakes by @abitewithmary

Made using only four ingredients (with yoghurt instead of butter!), these pancakes look unbelievably good. Topped with a mini gingerbread man, whipped cream, strawberries and H!P's Gingerbread Bar, these are a wintery taste sensation that we're obsessed with. 

2. Chocolate & Fruit Pancakes by @laurenknott_fit

Filled with fresh raspberries and H!P Chocolate Buttons and topped with yoghurt, fruit and squares of our award-winning Salted Caramel Bar, this delicious stack is the ultimate pancake day celebration. 

3. Vegan Souffle Pancakes by @esbestshopping

Using Creative Nature's vegan pancake mix, which only needs a bit of plant-based milk and apple cider vinegar added to it, these fluffy, vegan pancakes are mixed with some H!P Salty Pretzel, topped with our moreish Caramel Crunch Chocolate Peanuts and finished with some fresh strawberries. We can't wait to give this one a go!

If you ask us, every day is Pancake Day.