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Delicate dad loves this chocolate

I bought this creamy dairy free chocolate for my dad’s birthday. He can’t tolerate dairy or most artificial ingredients, so a lot of chocolate brands are off the table. We have this one a go and he is really enjoying it! It does taste creamy and indulgent, but is dairy free. Will buy again!

Thank you David! We're so pleased your dad enjoyed his Hip chocolate. Next time, we'd recommend also trying the Salty Pretzel too! Team HiP x


I had high hopes for this stuff and I am delighted to say that I was not disappointed. All four flavours (pretzel, cookies and no cream, salted caramel, and milk chocolate) are delicious. The extra cost it totally worth it to have something that is dairy free but tastes just like 'real' milk chocolate.

Beautiful chocolate

By far the best vegan chocolate I’ve ever eaten. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Anthony Mumford
A true vegan cadbury alternative

This has to be the tastiest chocolate I've ever eaten, truly the closest to Dairy Milk. Each variety of bar has the perfect amount of filling to give the texture and flavours just needed to not take over the taste of the creamy chocolate itself. Perfection.

Salty Pretzel
Kate Stockdale

This chocolate hits all the right buttons. Creamy with a satisfying snap when you brake into it's squares.
I will be buying this again and recommending it to Vegans and no Vegans actually!


Lovely creamy texture, just like real chocolate! Loved the cookies no cream!

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Frances Bielby
Amazing chocolate - so delicious!

I can't rate this highly enough. All 4 bars are so yummy - by far the closest to milk chocolate I've ever tasted. So moorish and so delicious! So impressed!

Cookies NO Cream
Leena Nasser

Best chocolate ever! I’m obsessed n love the service ❤️

Great Chocolate

As a vegan, I have a strong dislike for dark chocolate. This is a “milky” a vegan chocolate as you get and I loved it. Will be buying again.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Christine Smith

Letterbox Tasting Pack

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Gillian Harness
Love um all

Who knew vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate yummy yummy thank you xxx

Letterbox Tasting Pack Review

Amazing! A must buy! I thought I had a favourite vegan chocolate, then I tasted H!P! Out of the 4 flavours, salted caramel was my preferred. Also a big fan of the fact the packaging can be recycled (cardboard sleeve) or put in your food waste bin (biodegradable) (packaging the chocolate is wrapped in.) I hope to see H!P in supermarkets soon so more people can sample this tasty vegan chocolate. 😋

Salted Caramel
Mr Kevin Blackwell
HIP Chocolate

This the second time and after a mixed box the Salted Caramel was the fave. So we bought a full box and it has not disappointed. Best tasting non dairy chocolate ever ( and we’ve tried a few).


Arrived on time, neatly packaged. Heavenly taste.


Really creamy chocolate, best dairy free I’ve tried. Love salty pretzel but hard to choose a favourite!

Salty Pretzel
Sofia Gays
Super creamy chocolate!

Incredibly creamy chocolate, even approved by my Omni family. It's my new favourite vegan choc, and even better being plastic free :D

Delicious chocolate

Delicious chocolate and guilt free.

Salty Pretzel
Christine T
Love it

Love it. Not a fan of chocolate normally but my son is vegan and persuaded me to try your brand and I’m glad I did!
Thank you.

Love it

Only tried the salted caramel but absolutely love it 🥰

Best chocolate ever

I got a letterbox tasting pack to try all of the flavours and honestly they're all amazing. I would definitely recommend.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Paula flanagan
Creamy and sooo good

Only eaten one bar so far, the cookie and cream flavour. Chocolate is so smooth, I’d say it’s as good as vegan Galaxy. One down side…. I just wish it was a bit thicker, but that’s me just being greedy.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Maisey Davidson

Sent some to my son and some to my daughter. My son shared some with a lactose intolerant friend who was beyond delighted!
I sent a big stash to my son in Bath and he was instructed to save some to bring back to Malaysia in July. He ate all of it - shared well with friends though! Hence an additional order - this time sent to my daughter to look after until my son flies to Malaysia. He's not to be trusted with looking after your chocolate. He does have 2 weeks in hotel quarantine here when he arrives home. Will be interesting to see whether the chocolate survives quarantine with him!!

Best vegan milk chocolate I’ve had. The flavours are great too, unique and delicious

Creamy Original
Amanda Jackson

Very please arrived within couple of days. Tastes just like chocolate even though made from oat milk. Quite rich in taste 👍


We have eaten 2 of the bars in the sample pack and loved both of them. We will definately be buying more