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Cookies NO Cream
Lesley MacKinnon
Creamy and DELICIOUS

Well done HiP for achieving a wonderful plant based chocolate. The texture is perfect and melts beautifully, tastes amazing too. I'll definitely be buying again!

Outstanding flavours!

Without a doubt the best vegan chocolate I've had. The flavours are so good and it's lovely to have such a milky taste rather than plain dark chocolate. Love my little kind bag too it's very cute!

Salted Caramel, simply the best!

I love all Hip Chocolate, but Salted Caramel is definitely my favourite! I’ve converted lots of family and friends to Hip chocolate too, and it’s great because my daughter who has multiple food allergies, is able to share the Oatmilk and Salted Caramel bars too! She loves being able to have the same as the adults, for once! Keep up the great work producing delicious chocolate, and thank you! 😊

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Douglas Johnson
Really creamy vegan chocolate

Bought the taster pack and will buy more. The cookie one I found a bit too sweet for me, the salted caramel was great really liked well balanced between sweet and salty. Pretzel one not decided on will need further tastings to make up my mind. The milk chocolate was lovely and even my non vegan partner thought they all tasted great.

H!P x Kind Bag
Diana Matt
Surprisingly satisfying!

I am not generally vegan, but thought I would try this out. Was very pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality.
I have ordered enough to supply family and friends at Christmas, so you could say I am spreading the word!


I’ve never found any vegan milk style chocolate that hasn’t been grainy and bland, usually I just stick with dark chocolate but it’s not quite the same - this is genuinely creamy and hits the spot. We ordered four bars - they were gone in a day and a half and I’m not usually a scoffer but I’ve missed milk chocolate!

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Lesley Hampson
Tasty treat

Very tasty vegan chocolate. Has a good cocoa content without the bitterness of plain chocolate. Would love to see more nutty versions! Like the letterbox delivery, doesn't matter whether I am home to receive!

Creamy Original
Caragh Campbell
Lovely creamy choc

One of the best vegan chocs I have tasted.

Chocolate thru the door

The very best sustainable oat milk, plant based chocolate I’ve found - creamy, bursting with flavour and the texture of velvet. Added plus, when you order it arrives promptly, in excellent sturdy recyclable packaging that fits through the letterbox! Well done Hip!will buy more, great gift!

Good product

great product ,good taste and good value . will buy more.Ideal Christmas present

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Mary Hannah Bonnett

Letterbox Tasting Pack

Vegan chocolate assortment

The chocolate is very yummy. We are all dairy free. So at last we can eat chocolate. I shall definitely be buying again.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Tracey Belger
HIP letterbox tasting box

Fast delivery, tastes amazing will be ordering again


My daughter is vegan, not I; I will shamelessly eat most chocolate. I wanted my daughter to receive a nice little something through the post to cheer her on.....I can therefore only validate your product second hand as a suitable gift for someone you love. My daughter says your chocolate is delicious.

Taste amazing!

The best dairy free chocolate I have tasted! Can't wait to buy some more when I have finished.

Cookies NO Cream
Rebecca Laroc-Burnett
So addictive

Definitely my new fave vegan chocolate. I can't decide which I prefer ... Cookies no cream which reminds me of the dairy milk Oreo before I went vegan or the creamy Salted caramel.
Both bars are amazing, only problem is once you start... You just can't stop!

Tasty tasting pack

Throughly enjoyed these bars made with oat milk. The plain milk chocolate was lovely and smooth (dads favourite out the bunch). I liked the salted pretzel, just the right amount of salt in the background, The cookies no cream was equally delish. The salted caramel was lovely, just a tad too sweet for some.

Lovely alternative, would buy again.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Glyn Pritchard
Great Chocolate

Really good chocolate bar. I shared with friends who were impressed too. Well done.

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Kathryn Emmerson
Best vegan chocolate I've ever had

This choc is so yummy. I love the thin snappiness of it, it melts lovely in a cuppa and its very creamy. The salted pretzel is my favourite. I've just ordered a load more from Holland & Barrett

Letterbox Tasting Pack
Shanyce Morris
Amazing chocolate

I’ve struggled to find a chocolate that’s free of my various allergens that doesn’t compromise on taste. I’ve found that with this chocolate! The pretzel is my favourite flavour, it’s delicious vegan chocolate that I’m very grateful to have found!

Salty Pretzel
Rebecca Abbott
Rich intense milk chocolate

This is the first time I tried HIP chocolate and I’m really impressed by the richness of flavour.

Salty Pretzel
Sara Park

Salty Pretzel

Amazing! Tastes better than normal chocolate.

Superb flavour, great texture! All four flavours were fantastic…especially the cookies and cream!!!
A dream for my dairy free wife!!!

Salted Caramel
The best vegan chocolate!!

The best vegan chocolate I’ve ever had. Can’t believe it’s vegan. One of the things I tell people when they go vegan is that finding similar vegan choc bars as dairy ones is basically impossible. But not any more! And can’t believe it’s made by Cadbury’s?! Please get into supermarkets!!

So pleased you're loving H!P and thank you for leaving us such a great review! Our founder is the great great great grandson of John Cadbury but H!P isn't made by Cadbury's. :)

H!P x Kind Bag
Natasha Blakemore

H!P x Kind Bag