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I got this choc for my daughter. She absolutely loves the pretzel bar and we will def be buying more

My favourite vegan chocolate

I’ve tried so many vegan chocolate bars and this one is a game changer. I absolutely love the taste and texture and now I won’t choose anything but this. Thank you for making such a high quality product, it’s delicious!

Creamy Original
Julie Rotherham
Different, but in a good way!

I had a single bar of this in my book/pamper subscription box last month. Not tasted anything quite like it....nice chocolate though, much lighter, and with an almost chilli hit at the end. Will be coming back to try more for certain

Loved it!

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, so took advantage of the offer. It’s the best vegan chocolate I’ve had- so creamy! I’m definitely going to be ordering more so that I always have some in my cupboard


Really is the best chocolate, all the flavours are delicious, it never had vegan chocolate like it

Very different yet very tasty chocolate. Definitely recommend to try!

Delicious chocolate!

Just as tasty if not tastier than non vegan chocolate. Great texture & flavour would 100% recommend

Lovely chocolate

My daughter was very happy with her little gift.

Hands down the best vegan chocolate

Love this stuff, please don't go anywhere 😂

Yummy scrummy chocolate

This chocolate is such a treat for someone who is dairy free. I love all the flavours. Just a shame it doesn’t hang around long ☺️


My very favourite vegan chocolate!creamy and yummy 😋 and slated pretzel is the best


amazing. One of the best vegan chocolates ever. Perfect for those missing smooottthhhh chocolate

Something (Great) For Almost Nothing!

How wonderful to be able to have two bars of delicious gingerbread and salty pretzel vegan chocolate sent to a friend for postage of £3.50.

Not only is the chocolate “mylky”, unique for vegan chocolate, but the flavours are special and better than the standard non-HiP chocolate.

Thank you HiP! My friend was over the moon!!


Delicious vegan chocolate and the range of flavours is awesome


The best chocolate!

Love this chocolate, the gingerbread is my favourite. It tastes even better when it's a free bar!

Tasty choc

Easy way to try the bars if your not sure

The BEST vegan chocolate

Absolutely the best vegan chocolate I have ever tasted. Creamy with fabulous flavours and textures. If you haven't yet, you definitely should.

H!P for free? Yes please

Fortunate to catch the H!P for free promo, just pay postage and get two bars. What a great way to try the chocolate or gift to others to try. The usual creamy and smooth tasty, high quality chocolate from H!P. And without the cruelty. Truly a guilt free treat.

Such a good way to promote veganuary

Love this company even better when they do deals like this

Great opportunity to try oat milk chocolate

Beautiful chocolate, will definitely buy again

Free chocolate banished January blues

My daughter and I are vegan & LOVE HiP bars so we were so pleased to have a January pick-me up in the cold weather and with lots of school tests for her and long journeys for me. Thank you! The only thing that would have been even better is if you had the option to pick one (or both flavours). We live near a few large Sainsbury's stores but they don't stock honeycomb or berries which we would love to try!

Free chocolate.

Great offer. Mega tasty chocolate. Thank you.

Delicious chocolate as always with really fast delivery, thank you H!P :)

Absolutely delicious!

I bought the gingerbread bar after sampling at an event - it's now part of my favourite non-dairy chocolates.